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Part 18: Line cook procedural

Tony Hawk, crispy socks, and the Twitter weirdo

Miso and hazelnut pumpkin bread

Roast chicken (and burnt cabbage butter)

How to work like a chef

Cloudberries, coffee bavarois, and meringue

Introducing the Notebooks of a Line Cook

Part 17: Pork shank redemption

Welcome to The Recovering Line Cook

A recipe for spiced pumpkin sorbet

How to build a restaurant dish

Part 16: As good as the last steak you cooked

A recipe for "kalakeitto" (Finnish fish soup)

Wild mushroom caramel (and other stories)

A recipe for crucified salmon

Part 15: How Not to be a Ghost

6 things I really don't like 🥦🤨

"Most chefs would go insane if they had to do anything else."

A recipe for pineapple weed meringue pie

Part 14: The rise and fall of Nickel and Dime

A recipe for black sesame ice cream

A recipe for grilled butter

Part 13: The escape room

A recipe for honey yoghurt cake

A recipe for potato mille-feuille

A recipe for Finnish custard buns

Part 12: Fluffer in the Cold Section

Part 11: Scallops for Jodie Foster

Part 10: Memoirs of a Fine-Dining Flower Boy

Spring arrives and with it yeasty lemonade

Part 9: We like mash thick in London, actually.

On love and smoked lamb

Very little... almost nothing


Part 8: Five things I learned as a commis chef in London

Part 7: Dressing salmon in 18th century ruffs

Part 6: How to change your life completely

Part 5: The day I made daddy angry

What is Nordic food?

Part 4: Behind closed doors in the open kitchen

Part 3: Baby cooks the Family Meal

How I learned to say "yes, chef"

Part 2: Shaving pig heads in the basement

Part 1: No rules (as long as it's beautiful).

Now it's over, it's probably worth thinking about again.

Fika in late autumn

Spice: a recipe for fragrant pot-roast chicken

Restaurant cooking and the evolution of a dish