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Have you ever been a little bit curious about what really happens in top restaurant kitchens?

Maybe you’re keen on learning a few tips and recipes you might not find in your more traditional cooking books and websites.

If so, what I’m doing at The Recovering Line Cook could be for you!

First, a quick intro: My name is Wil Reidie. When I was 29, I quit my job in marketing to become a professional restaurant chef. I trained at London’s top culinary school, and for five years worked in some of Europe’s finest Michelin-starred kitchens in both London and Stockholm before hanging up my apron for good to focus on writing.

And how can this newsletter help you?

Everything I write on The Recovering Line Cook is made to entertain and inspire. I want to share my stories and recipes so you and your cooking can benefit as well.

I do this through:

  • Memoirs of a Line Cook - personal stories detailing my professional journey to become the cook I always dreamed of being

  • Recipes and features - I share the tips, insights, and favourite dishes I learnt during my cooking career and continue to develop today

Best of all this content is free to all subscribers while we build a community of like-minded cooks who want to learn and inspire.

So if you are interested in getting more confidence in the kitchen by seeing how badly I screwed up as a trainee chef, then my memoirs are for you.

And if you’re interested in recipes with a Nordic twist, here are some of my latest:

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Wil Reidie

A retired line cook from England living in Finland.