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Who is this Wil Reidie guy?

Just a recovering line cook who wants to share his experiences with the world.

When I was 29, I quit my job in marketing, trained at London’s top culinary school, and for five years worked in some of Europe’s finest Michelin-starred kitchens in both London and Stockholm before focussing on recipe development, and writing.

So what can I get from The Recovering Line Cook newsletter?

Every week I publish either:

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Though my Notebooks are full of advice, techniques and ideas I learnt during my restaurant career, they are 100% designed for home cooks to enjoy and develop with.

So if stories from the strange world of restaurant kitchens sound fun to you, then my memoirs can be found right here.

And if you’re interested in fun, delicious recipes with a Nordic twist that can also improve your cooking, here are some of my latest:

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