Welcome to The Recovering Line Cook, a weekly newsletter featuring food writing, essays, and recipes from me, Wil Reidie.

Who is Wil Reidie then?

I’m a restaurant cook who wants to share his experiences, thoughts and recipes with the world.

When I was 29, I quit my job in marketing, trained at London’s top culinary school, and have now cooked in some of Europe’s finest Michelin-starred kitchens in both London and Stockholm. I now live and cook in a city called Turku, Finland. A city described as Finland’s food capital.

So what can I get from The Recovering Line Cook newsletter?

I publish a newsletter every week for free subscribers. This weekly piece of food writing could be something recipe-focussed from my Notebooks of a Line Cook series or it could be a longer form Essay on anything from the food world (and beyond) I’m interested in. In 2024, I am also planning some in-depth posts exploring the wonderful techniques used in great restaurants up here in the Nordics.

Paid subscribers get the full deal though. As a thank you for supporting my work financially, starting April 2024, I send paid subs an extra 2 essays of personal memoir-writing (including my upcoming Diaries of a Line Cook series) a month.

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I’m really happy you’re here, The Recovering Line Cook is my way of helping more people learn about the fun and delicious ways restaurant food can be so good, even in the home kitchen. Check out below for some examples!

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Englishman in Finland, chef, and creator of a newsletter called The Recovering Line Cook.