I LOLED at this part:

"“Thanks for lunch,” he said politely, “but I’ve never had potatoes… umm… like that.”

“Oh?” I responded, knowing precisely what he was getting at.

“Very… umm… thick,” he said. “That’s new to me.”

“Oh.” I responded, tapping him ever so confidently on the back. “That’s how we like our mash in London, don’t you know.”"

That was so absorbing and illuminating!

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I love your stories. I love reading about the behind-the-restaurant-scene and about your unusual life (from someone else with an unusual life).

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Apr 27·edited Apr 27Liked by Wil Reidie

“I had found myself in that echelon of fine-dining that, in pursuit of perfection, had decided to take agency away from the guest. The guest being one variable too many to accommodate in the creation of perfection.”

A lot of great writing and observation in this piece but the quote above really hit me. It’s so damn true, and the food industry is a great metaphor for any medium. At some point the search for perfection strips away the agency of the person on the other end of the creation. The one who must enjoy it.

Loved this one Wil.

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Hey Wil! I enjoy a lot reading your words every week, and this story brought me so much memories. Thank you, and please keep on writing tasty essais ☺️

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